About us

The Bird Group of Companies is run by the Adrian Bird and his family who are based out of Waterlooville in Hampshire, with mainly interests the online digital world. But with extensive experience in the building and decorating world, publishing, design & marketing and more recently all aspects of internet marketing and ecommerce solutions.

The Bird Group is Born..

The Bird Group was born many years ago, but actually formed back in 2011 as a Limited Company. Adrian himself was born in the late seventies to his parents who back then owned a large grocery store calls Bird’s News Market, which back in the late eighties was probably as big business as the Morrison’s of today’s world. With retail in his blood and his natural ability to build, manage and sale Adrian soon worked in a retail environment himself in his early teens, firstly as a local paper boy and then running the local newsagents himself. By the time he hit 16, he always knew he wanted to run his own businesses even though his parents wanted him to learn a trade. Determined to succeed by with little help or support he eventually turned to his Dad who was at the time running a small decorating business, after spending 4 years learning the trade he eventually setup his first Ltd Co. called Distinctions, who become a busy refurbishment and decorating contractor. After a few successful years and then getting married back in 2005, he decided to completely change paths.

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New Business Era…

After looking around for something brand new with new challenges and adventures,  he decided on using his natural ability to sell, combined with his love for design. The publishing world seemed perfect, so by setting up a local A5 magazine with great content, earning money from selling advertising space to local business worked great. Sadly by the time the recession hit the UK, and also the fact that the way that people in general were starting to look for business, the business ended. With many mistakes made from bad staff, and poor business decisions and simply bad decisions in general, the best way to move forward was to start again and remember that every business has problems and issues. But it is not how hard you are hit and knocked down, but it is how you get back up, and this is what the Bird Family do.

New Start with Fresh Ideas…

Nowadays the exciting months and years ahead the bird group which specialises is buying and selling products online through different channels such as Ecommerce websites, and with the name suggesting everything being bought online and delivered direct to your door. With various current websites online, and with more to follow in the coming months.

Recently after eating dinner with his family his youngest boy Jack was playing with his food, and spelled out the words ‘Zymco’ on his plate. Later that week Zymco was formed and now this business focuses on website design, ecommerce solutions and internet marketing with various websites live; Plan Web Services and also Web Find Interactive.

The Bird Group has one philosophy from being confident even in the darkest of times, be passionate about what you do and work hard to succeed.